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    The Pre-Training Review (PTR) ensures that you are enrolling in the most suitable and appropriate training option. The information you provide will enable ATMC to understand your learning needs, your preferred learning styles, your previous and current competencies that relate to the course, and any special needs or ACSF core skill gaps (such as language, literacy and numeracy (LLN) and digital capability).  ATMC will use this review to identify appropriate learning strategies and materials as well as educational services to support you to successfully complete the course that you choose.  

    This PTR process includes three sections:

    Section 1. PTQ (pre-training questionnaire),

    Section 2. LLN (Language, Literacy, and Numeracy) assessment and

    Section 3.  PTI (pre-training interview)

    All 3 sections must be submitted to complete the Pre-training Review process. All questions in each section must be answered for the Review to be considered. 


    Make sure you read the instructions before attempting any question.
    For more help, please read "Instructions for completing the Pre-training Review"

    Thank you and have a good time!


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      Now you have completed section 1 (Pre-training questionnaire) and section 2 (Language, Literacy and Numeracy assessment),

      A face-to-face /online interview with one of our specialist assessors will be arranged so that your oral communication skills, aptitude and suitability for your chosen course can be assessed.  The interview will also help us to identify any areas where you may need support to complete your chosen course, so that we can make the appropriate support arrangements, and customise your training plan.

      Please provide details for the interview:

      • Skype ID/viber/what'sapp (optional): 
      • Mobile number*:
      • Email*:
      • Date and Time* (preferable for the interview): 

      You will be contacted via email/SMS when the date and time of interview is set up.


      The Pre-Training Review (PTR) is conducted by a PTR authorised delegate of ATMC (i) to make sure the applicant is enrolling in the suitable and the most suitable and appropriate training option based on the individual’s existing educational attainment, capabilities, aspirations and interests and with due consideration of the likely job outcomes from the development of new competencies and skills; (ii) to identify any competencies previously acquired (RPL, recognition of current competency (RCC) or credit transfer); (iii) to ascertain that the proposed learning strategies and materials are appropriate for that individual; (iv) to identify the applicant's specific learning needs or difficulties, any ACSF core skill gaps (such as reading, writing, learning, oral communication, and numeracy), and digital capability. Then appropriate educational and support services will be sourced to individuals in need of support to complete their selected course successfully. 

      The form must be completed prior to enrolment of an applicant in a course by a PTR authorised delegate